The Science Behind the Increased Risk for Black People
A look at possible reasons why multiple myeloma affects Black people more than white people, including genes, health care disparities, and the role of MGUS.
The Need for Better Minority Enrollment in Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials
African Americans are more likely to develop multiple myeloma but are underrepresented in clinical trials. Here’s why and what can be done about it.
How Is Multiple Myeloma Different for Black and Hispanic Populations?
The blood cancer multiple myeloma affects Black and Hispanic people more often than other groups. A closer look at the reasons behind this disparity.
Diagnosing Pompe Disease
Getting a diagnosis of Pompe disease can be tricky. Learn more about how Pompe disease is diagnosed.
Our Lives With Pompe Disease
The father of a child with Pompe disease shares his family’s experience. Find out what it's like to live with this rare genetic disorder.
How to combat our addiction to ultra-processed eating The Standard American Diet (SAD) is packed with ultra-processed foods. These sugary, salty, and fatty food products make up more than half of the …

Treatment for Pompe Disease

To get the best care for Pompe disease, you need treatment from a team of health care professionals. Here’s what treatment for you or your child may include.

Long-term impact of fertilizer plant fire raises concerns in Winston-Salem

By Will Atwater Two weeks after a fire forced her and her Tobacco Street neighbors to leave their homes on the night of Jan. 31, 2022, a defiant Sabrina Webster stood before a crowd at a …

Gun access, rural residency are key risk factors in N.C. suicide crisis

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among people ages 18 to 35 in North Carolina. It claims more lives than homicide, and its toll on young adults is surpassed only by motor vehicle …

Dentists lobby for higher Medicaid reimbursement rates

By Anne Blythe The phones at many dental offices across North Carolina have been ringing repeatedly in recent months with requests for oral health care from newly enrolled Medicaid recipients. …
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